How to Use Free YouTube Downloader to Download Videos from YouTube

Internet is the home of videos of any kind, there is no video of any type that you want to watch that you will not find in the internet. One of the popular places to download your favourite videos is from the YOUTUBE site. This site Use Free YouTube Downloader to download videos as one of the download manager you can use on this site.

This article will give a complete guide on how to download videos from YouTube by Free YouTube Downloader, either you have the program on your computer or you want to download the program for the very first time.

This YouTube Downloader is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, and Windows 7.  It supports output to AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, MP4, and many more formats.

The complete steps on how to use youtube downloader app to download videos from youtube downloader to your computer are listed as follow.

Step 1 on how to use free youtube downloader


The first thing to do is to download and install the program on your computer system. You can easily download this from Visit the site and navigate through the site to download this application and the install, by so doing you are through with the first step.

Step 2


Visit YouTube official website to search for the video or videos you want to download by free YouTube Downloader. Then click on the video to generate it URL code, and copy the code.

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Step 3


Locate the application on your computer and open it, then you a step closer to what you want to do. Now it is time to paste the URL you copied in step 2 above on the appropriate place here on step 3

Step 4


This is a place you are to choose the format you want this Free YouTube Downloader to download your video. This is very important aspect as this determines the output of the videos.

Step 5


On this Free YouTube Downloader app, this app allows you to choose where you want to save your videos. This gives you direct access to your video folder.

Step 6


This is the final step, what you are to do is just hit the download button and begins the downloading process, as you can see this is very simple process and easy to follow.


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